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What we offer-

Each item has a common starting price & goes up from there based on the size, type of flower, and amount of labor it requires. Once your inquiry is made & your vision is understood, we will be able to give you a quote.

Floral substitutions may need to be made & are very common in this industry. Certain flowers are seasonal & are only available in that time which means there can be shortages because of high demand. Substitutions will be communicated so you always know what you’re getting. 

Please keep in mind while you are searching for your “inspiration” photos on Pinterest, the flowers more than likely do not look like that in person. Almost all photos are edited & filtered. We will keep this in mind while color matching to the best of our ability & suggesting possible alternatives. 

We offer delivery to any location in Michigan. Out of state options are also available upon request. 

Set up & take down pricing is based on the amount of items, type of items, & time spent at venue/ceremony location. 

Our Process -

Step 1: After reviewing your inquiry, we'll officially start picking out what flowers best fit you.

Step 2: With much discussion, a total price is calculated and sent over for you to review.

Step 3: After confirming your order is set, a contract is sent over for review and signature.

Step 4: We place an order for your flowers with our local wholesaler. Please note that after this step, items cannot be removed from the order, only added. 

Step 5: It's your wedding day! We deliver your stunning arrangements.  

FAQ's -

-How far in advance do I need to book with you?

We suggest thinking about your flowers as early as possible in your wedding-planning process. Ideally, you should be booking a florist at least 8-9 months before the wedding date. We understand that this isn’t always possible, so we do our best to be flexible and allow clients to book as late as 3-4 months out from the event. The sooner, the better! This ensures that we can get everything you need.

-What is the average cost of wedding florals?

 Every wedding and every couple is unique. Pricing can change based on a variety of factors, including the overall flower market, quantities, and sizes. That being said, my average wedding is $3,000-$5,000, and can reach up to $10,000 for flowering your event with an abundance of blooms.

Investment -
(starting costs)

Bridal Bouquet: $200+

Bridesmaids: $75+

Bouts: $25+

Corsages: $35+

Garland: $40  per foot  

Simple Centerpiece: $125+

Bud Vases: $15+

Aisle/Chair Ties: $40 +

Arch Pieces: $300-500+

Standing/ Floating Arch: $2k+

Petals: $25-200+

Crown: $60+

Altar Piece: $250+

*Delivery based off mileage

*Set up based off items


Let's Work Together

Want to move forward? Send us a message & let’s get this party started!

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